Little Amps is local coffee roaster based in Harrisburg that’s obsessed with every step of the roasting process. They want to be sure that every cup of Little Amps’ coffee is filled with an intense, fresh flavor. Little Amps starts by sourcing coffee beans from amazing farms worldwide, then roasting them with finesse right here in Harrisburg, PA. The result is coffee with no sign of the “roasty” taste sold at big coffee stores. With quality beans roasted properly you’ll find that your coffee won’t need milk or sugar, the coffee is naturally sweet. Want to know more about Little Amps Coffee Roasters check out their website!

Whole Bean Coffee Varieties

Strites' Currently Carries

Dark Star

Ethiopia Ardi


Taste notes of

Dark Chocolate

Lemon Peel

Dark Star is an all-purpose blend that has a nice and booming flavor without neglecting the midrange. This versatile coffee can be used for a hot filter brew or cold brew coffee.

Taste Notes of

Berries, Jasmine



Ardi has a juicy body, smooth feel, and clean finish. Everybody's favorite natural roast, Ardi is an heirloom varietal brought to us by Keffa Coffee and their partners in Sidama, Ethiopia who "ensure care and quality in the processing, sorting, storing, and shipping of this special coffee."

Star Power

Taste Notes of

Citrus, Caramel



This is an all-year blend of sweet caramel and nuttiness from the Fazenda Furnas. It’s paired with the berry acidity and cocoa base of our go to natural process Ethiopia coffee that will give you a smooth, sweet cup of coffee that you could drink all day no matter how you take it!

Ethiopia Gera

Taste Notes of

Floral, Citrus


Candied Cherry

From the Gera district of the Limmu region of Ethiopia we have a super delicious, fully washed coffee grown from heirloom varieties. You will be able to clearly taste and enjoy the delicate floral, strong cherry and citrus notes.

Tea Varieties

Strites' Currently Carries

Green Tea


Dragonwell is a very well-known and sought-after Green Tea from Xiao Shan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Its leaf is flattened from the drying process it goes through in a wok. Chestnuts, buttered greens and honeysuckle all come out in the cup. You like, Chinese Green Tea? You’ll love this late spring offering!

365 Summer

Who doesn’t love bergamot? We had to stock this tea classic! The Sri Kankan Ceylon’s deep malty spice notes balance perfectly with the high citrus notes of the bergamot essential oil and cornflowers.

Black Tea

Earl Grey

We’re an Endless Summer type of company so honestly this all-encompassing herbal blend is right up our alley, whether it’s cold brewed in the summer or warm and comforting in the winter. Lemongrass, Spearmint, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender, Tangerine and Bergamot Essential Oil. It rules!

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