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  Potatoes   Onions   Peppers   Broccoli   Cauliflower   Cabbage  
Beans    Eggplant   Beets   Peas   Spinach   
Apples- Gala, Jonathan, Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Macintosh, Gold Delicious       
   Haybales   Corn Stalks   Honey   Baked Goods
1000 Strites Road Harrisburg, PA  17111   
Business: (717) 564-3130    Fax: (717) 564-5770

CURRENT HOURS: Monday-Friday 8AM to 7PM
     Saturday 8AM-5PM  Closed Sundays

Celebrating 100 Years of Family Farming
Fresh Pressed Apple Cider now available daily!!

Stayman Winesap, Cortland, Fuji, Red Delicious, Nittany