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Strites' Orchard

Over 100 Years of Family Farming

-   ABOUT US  -

The history of Strites' Orchard traces back to 1843 when the Strite family began their farming legacy in the Harrisburg area. Joseph C. Strite planted the first fruit trees and vegetables in 1914, marking the beginning of a tradition steeped in agriculture. Joseph’s son Earl joined him in the business and together they expanded the farm to over 250 acres over time.


Earl Strite was not only a diligent farmer but also a savvy businessman. He sold produce at markets in the bustling city of Harrisburg and delivered door-to-door in nearby Hummelstown. In 1950, recognizing the growing demand for fresh goods, the original market was opened right on the farm.


Earl's sons, Joe and Tom joined their father in the business, bringing fresh energy and ideas to the operation. They expanded vegetable plantings and introduced greenhouse operations, further diversifying their offerings. Their dedication and expertise were recognized when all three received the prestigious honor of being named Master Farmers during their careers.


In 1994, a new chapter began with the construction of a modern farm market and bakery, solidifying Strites' Orchard as a destination for fresh, locally grown produce and homemade baked goods. The farm also expanded to encompass 300 acres, a testament to the family's commitment to growth and sustainability.


Embracing innovation, 2011 marked the inaugural year for Strites' Orchard's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. This initiative allowed them to deliver their fresh produce directly to members throughout the greater Harrisburg area, forging deeper connections with the community they've served for generations.

Today, the Strite family's farming legacy is upheld by the next generation, with sons Jon and Matt at the helm. Joe and Tom have taken on more supportive roles on the farm. Their invaluable experience and guidance remain integral to the farm's success.

Grandchildren Molly, Mason, Zach, and Edie are actively involved in various aspects of farm life. From working in the fields to assisting in the market and bakery, they contribute their energy and enthusiasm, ensuring that the traditions of Strites' Orchard endure for years to come.

Together, the Strite family continues to embody the values of quality, tradition, and community that have defined their farm for generations, dedicated to providing fresh, locally-grown produce for their community.

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