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Mon-Friday:  8am - 6pm
Saturday:     8am - 4pm
Sunday:       11am - 3pm

Mon-Friday:   Check in at the Market
SAT & SUN:  Go directly to U-Pick Area




  • Please don't leave trash behind.

  • NO pets are allowed in the U-Pick areas. 

  • If you use the restroom before going to pick blackberries, please wash your hands before entering the raspberry field. 

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

  • Please be respectful to others who are picking blackberries. 

  • Have fun and enjoy! 

Please call before coming to find out about the picking conditions, (717) 564-3130.

Blackberry picking is a perfect activity for all ages because blackberry bushes are approximately 5-7 feet tall, so both children and adults can participate. Fresh picked blackberries can be used to make preserves, pies, and are a great addition to a smoothly! You can also freeze them to enjoy in the cooler months. 

We recommend that you come out for picking in the morning when it's cooler so it's an enjoyable experience. The ground may be uneven, so be sure to wear stable walking shoes. If you come in the afternoon on a hot day, be sure to stop by the market to cool off with some ice cream or a fruit slushy!


We want you to have an enjoyable experience, so we do our very best to make sure the grass is cut around our blackberry bushes.  Please help us by picking up your trash. Thanks so much! ​

Our pick-your-own blackberry season typically open early-July through the mid-July This is subject to change depending on how to weather effects the blackberry growing season. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates.

U-Pick hours are different than market hours! 

U-Pick Common Questions

  • WEEKDAYS: During weekdays check in at the market, before heading out to the blackberry field please stop in the market to pick up a U-Pick container.

  • WEEKENDS: On weekends, check-in at the designated U-Pick Area. 

Do we need to bring containers for blackberry picking?

No, we provide U-Pick containers for you to pick your blackberries. 

Do you have pre-picked blackberries?

YES, we have fresh picked blackberries available daily (during blackberry season), but please call before coming to be sure we haven't sold out for the day (717) 564-3130.

How do I know which blackberries are ripe?

A ripe blackberry is deep black with a plump, full, and slightly tender feel. If the berry is red or purple, it’s not ripe yet. A ripe blackberry will pull free from the plant with only a slight tug.

The skin of a fully ripe berry is dull black, not shiny. These are the sweetest berries!


If you want your berries to keep a little longer, pick berries that are still shiny. Fully ripe berries are no longer shiny, but they will not keep as long. Overripe berries are also dull, they will feel soft, and will be leaky.

Are pets allowed in the U-Pick blackberry area?

NO, pets are not allowed in the pick your own areas for health and food safety reasons.


1000 Strites Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17111

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