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 How do I sign up?
You can sign up through Farmigo, our CSA management site.
 Can I share my membership with another person/family?
Yes, but we will not be responsible for splitting payments or produce.
What can I except in my box throughout the season?
Click here for a chart of approximate harvest times. The first few weeks may be on the lighter side due to the limited availability of early crops, however as the season progresses you will find the boxes to be quite substantial.
Can I choose what will be in my box?
No. We will choose have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables each week according to what is in season. This will encourage you to try some different items that you may not have cooked with or eaten before. 
 Why are some of the items for sale at the market not in my box?
Keep in mind that we may have certain items for sale in our market that are not included in your box during a given week. Some of the more perishable items do not pack or travel well, such as raspberries and blackberries. While we try out best to include some of everything we grow, it is not always possible. You are encouraged to purchase these items in our market using you 10% discount.
 How do I get my produce?
Arrive at your chosen pick-up location between the allotted times, find your name on the check-off sheet and mark it, then take the contents of the box. 
 Will my produce be good quality?
Absolutely. We will do our best to ensure that all your produce falls nothing short of excellent. Produce will be harvested, washed (if applicable), packed and delivered to each pick-up location within 48 hours. Certain environmental conditions beyond our control may arise during the season, and if we feel a crop is not up to standard, be assured that we will not put it in your box. In the event of a crop failure, we are more than prepared to substitute another crop, this is a benefit to having a diverse farm
While we strive to maintain the highest level of quality, occasionally we make mistakes and you may find a soft, blemished or over-ripe item. If you feel that the quality of any of your items is below par, we will gladly exchange it no questions asked. Following the appropriate home storage methods included in your weekly newsletter is extremely important when dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been exposed to any kind of preservative.
What kind of farming practices do we use?
Because of the diversity of the crops we are growing, we use many different growing practices. All of our produce is sustainably grown, meaning we make maintaining the integrity of our land and soil a top priority. A large number of annually grown crops are chemical-free and rotated on a yearly basis to preserve soil quality. Organic and conventional growing practices are each used when appropriate. If you ever have questions regarding our growing practices, please feel free to contact Jon ( or stop in the market and ask to speak to him.


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